Tuesday, March 3, 2009

High School Dropouts Make a Million Dollars Less

From: SilentEpidemic.org

High School Dropout Statistics:

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  • Dropouts are more likely than high school graduates to be unemployed, in poor health, living in poverty, on public assistance, and single parents with children who drop out of high school
  • Dropouts earn $9,200 less per year than high school graduates and more than $1 million less over a lifetime than college graduates
  • Dropouts were more than twice as likely as high school graduates to slip into poverty in a single year and three times more likely than college graduates to be unemployed in 2004
  • Dropouts are more than eight times as likely to be in jail or prison as high school graduates
  • Dropouts are four times less likely to volunteer than college graduates, twice less likely to vote or participate in community projects, and represent only 3 percent of actively engaged citizens in the U.S. today
  • The government would reap $45 billion in extra tax revenues and reduced costs in public health, crime, and welfare payments if the number of high school dropouts among 20-year olds in the U.S. today, which numbers more than 700,000 individuals, were cut in half
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2 NFL Players Still Missing at Sea

From: wndu.com

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The Coast Guard says it has narrowed the search area for two NFL players and another man whose overturned boat was found off the Florida Gulf Coast.

Coast Guard Capt. Timothy Close says the search area is "substantially smaller," based on where they found the boat and a survivor Monday. Searchers had previously covered 16,000 square miles.

Nick Schuyler was clinging to the boat about 35 miles off Clearwater. The former University of South Florida player told rescuers that the boat was anchored when it flipped Saturday evening in rough seas. He says the others aboard got separated from the boat.

The boat belongs to Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper. He, free-agent defensive lineman Corey Smith and former South Florida player William Bleakley remained missing.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Pump Up the Volume

From: Carstereoinfosource.com

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Panasonic CQ-CB8901U

The model features built-in “HD Radio TM” technology that provides for pure digital and crystal clear audio quality on AM/FM stations that transmit in HD. This feature also allows one to view the name of the song and artist, including news and stock information, weather, local traffic situations, and more through the radio screen.

One can also enjoy “XM Satellite Radio” when the digital adapter and XM receiver is hooked up. XM radio provides “CD sound quality” and has more than 130 channels with 100% “commercial-free” music. Its “MOS-FET high power amplifier” gives an undistorted output through minimizing “crossover distortion”. The high-definition “3D action graphics” spices up the appearance with a cool illuminated blue display. The model also plays various formats and not just CD’s, including CD-R/RW discs, WMA formats, and MP3.

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